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Module 5: Clinical Hypnotherapy Specialist Certificate

Welcome to Module 5 and complete your clinical hypnotherapy training with advanced hypnosis techniques and applications for physical health.
  • 12 learners

  •  1 Certificate

    Advanced Hypnosis
  • 56 hours

    Course duration
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    What you are going to learn

    A few more words about this course

    This course is for candidates seeking to complete their hypnotherapy training and start practising as hypnotherapists.

    You will learn:

    • Age regression
    • Parts Therapy
    • Bridge techniques
    • Hypnosis for physical health
    • Hypnosis for Pain Management
    • Healing the inner child
    • And much more

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    Christine Deschemin

    Specialisation: Hypnotherapy


    Christine Deschemin is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the founder of Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre. With an intriguing career journey from aeronautical engineering to finance, and ultimately to hypnotherapy, she has developed a unique, evidence-based approach to her practice. She's committed to helping individuals enhance their lives, leveraging her specialized knowledge in hypnotherapy

    Course reviews

    "I attended the Self-hypnosis training with Christine, and it was absolutely eye-opening and awakening! I came out of the training with enough practice and knowledge to continue my own self-development journey. Thank you!"
    "Thank you for a fascinating introduction to self-hypnosis! I've joined Module 2 and intend to complete Module 3 as well this year. I've come away from the course with a renewed sense of optimism about the possibilities for lasting change and improvements and can't wait to enjoy the benefits I know will come from regular practice. I look forward to continuing down this path!"
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